Typically, at the time of arrest or shortly thereafter, you will receive an Order of Suspension, which does not go into effect immediately, however, sometimes immediate suspension does occur. Upon suspension of your license, you will need to enroll in an approved DUI program. The program administrator will need to file a Proof of Enrollment Certificate on your behalf (form DL-107), which they then submit to the DMV electronically. Next, you will need to obtain proof of financial responsibility, usually in the form of an SR-22, which is a special type of car insurance liability coverage. 

Finally, you will be required to install an ignition interlock device in order to be legally eligible to operate a motor vehicle again. The first step after you contact us to get the interlock device will be to verify your eligibility for the device installation with the DMV. Once verified, we can schedule your installation appointment. Once the device has been installed we will issue you a DL920 form, which you will have to take to the Department of Motor Vehicles in person. After you’ve submitted all your paperwork, you’ll be allowed to pay the fees associated with getting your restricted license issued.